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Please note we now have a National RAC Search facility for National projects: 

National RAC Approved Project Search Tool

National Approved Projects can be found below:

National Approved Project List – 10.16.18

Regional Approved Projects can be found below:

Regional Approved Project List – 11.9.18 (Excel format)

VQI Publications Year to Date

VQI Publications October 2017 to September 2018 (Excel)

Best Papers list for 2017

Best VQI Papers for 2017/18

To access Abstracts123, please log in here. To submit a proposal to be considered for the National RAC, please follow the link below and select “PSO National RAC – MONTH Proposal Submission. Also, please see the Device Identification Policy, which may affect your dataset request.

VQI Device Identification Policy

**Please note: If you wish to request a VQI dataset for quality research, your center must already have a subscription to that VQI registry in order to access the dataset.**



Bi-Monthly Schedule for National RAC Proposal Submissions

December 2018

Call for Proposals:            October 9, 2018

Due Date:                           November 19, 2018

Meeting:                             December 10, 2018

Notification Sent:             December 11, 2018

February 2019

Call for Proposals:            December 11, 2018

Due Date:                           January 28, 2019

Meeting:                             February 11, 2019

Notification Sent:             February 12, 2019

April 2019

Call for Proposals:            February 11, 2019

Due Date:                           March 18, 2019

Meeting:                             April 8, 2019

Notification Sent:             April 9, 2019

June 2019

Call for Proposals:            April 9, 2019

Due Date:                           May 20, 2019

Meeting:                             June 10, 2019

Notification Sent:             June 11, 2019

August 2019

Call for Proposals:            June 11, 2019

Due Date:                           July 22, 2019

Meeting:                             August 12, 2019

Notification Sent:             August 13, 2019

Council Members:

Philip Goodney MD, Chair
Grace Wang, MD, Vice-Chair
Shipra Arya,  MD, N. California
Faisal Aziz MD, Mid-Atlantic
Adam Beck MD, Southeastern
Benjamin Brooke MD, Rocky Mountain
Mohammad Eslami, MD, Great Lakes
Douglas Jones MD, VSGNE
Corey Kalbaugh PhD, Carolinas
Issam Koleilat, MD, VSGGNY
Gregory Magee MD, SoCal VOICe
Mahmoud Malas MD, SoCal VOICe
Mark Mewissen MD, Upper Midwest
Michael McNally MD, Mid-South
Raghu Motaganahalli MD, Midwest
Albeir Mousa MD, Virginias
Nick Nolte MD, Mid-America
Nicholas Osborne MD, Michigan
William Robinson, MD, Virginias
William Schutze MD, SoVONet
Jeffrey Siracuse MD, VSGNE
Brant Ullery, MD, Pacific Northwest
Wayne Zhang, MD, Pacific Northwest