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Fivos Cloud Based Platform
Importance of data accuracy
Data Import into The VQI
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Fivos Cloud Based Platform

Fivos provides the secure, cloud-based platform, PATHWAYS utilized by the SVS Vascular Quality Initiative, which allows for real-time data collection and reporting for long-term outcomes assessment. (See www.fivoshealth.com)

The PATHWAYS clinical data performance platform is customizable to meet an institution’s unique workflow needs, providing permission levels for users to access and enter data. The system has built-in error trapping, help text, and incomplete record monitoring to ensure data integrity.

Click here to view the PATHWAYS Data Security Whitepaper

To further increase data entry efficiencies, integration of General and Demographic patient information from an institution’s EMR and/or clinical system into PATHWAYS is available.

Currently, the PATHWAYS platform captures data for all SVS VQI registries, including both procedure and follow-up data. The data forms were designed by vascular surgeons and contain detailed data to allow analyses of root causes for different outcomes, including patient case mix, pre-operative management, and details of surgical technique. All data can be downloaded and saved.

The real-time reports available through PATHWAYS include data management reports, longitudinal benchmarking, major outcomes and complication reports for physician and center, pre- and post-operative medication usage, and custom analytical reporting.

Fivos has extensive experience providing data and image management services for vascular surgery.

Importance of data accuracy

Multiple mechanisms are in place to assure the accuracy of data reported in THE SVS VQI

  • Error trapping is used in the data entry platform PATHWAYS to reduce entry of out of range values.
  • Help text is provided on the data entry form in PATHWAYS for each variable, explaining each categorical, numeric and checkbox options.
  • Frequent webinars are conducted for data managers and staff who enter data, to educate them about each SVS VQI registry, and answer questions about data entry
  • User support is provided to answer questions about data entry and a technical FAQ is provided online. Clinical FAQ’s are incorporated into help text to ensure standardization of variable definitions.
  • Annual national meetings and semi-annual regional meetings further educate users about details of data entry and answer questions.
  • Surveys of user responses to abstract data from prepared example cases are analyzed to detect variation in user interpretations, so that education can be focused on any common errors. (Interrater reliability exercises)
  • Centers receive detailed reports of their process and outcome rates, so that they can detect any errors and correct them if needed.
  • Statistically based audits have been conducted by using multi-variable models to predict cases where a complication (such as post-operative myocardial infarction) was likely to have occurred. Then such cases where no such complication was reported are audited to ensure accuracy.
  • Random audits of cases and specific variables are now being conducted by external auditors who gain access to the center’s EMR data to verify accuracy of data entry.
  • Results of nearly 600 peer-reviewed publications based on SVS VQI data agree well with published data from other sources, providing additional validation of the accuracy of data reported by the SVS VQI registry.

Data import into the VQI

Fivos can assist your organization with this simple data integration service. The integration service is easy to implement, both from a time and technical standpoint.

Currently, fields in the General and Demographics sections of each procedure form can be pre-populated. Based on your institution’s data entry workflow, on average, this saves 4 to 6 minutes per procedure or 40% of the total data entry time.

This is achieved by establishing a simple file transport between your organization and Fivos. This file is exported and sent from your EMR, database, or individual computer to Fivos.

This can be a manual export, or it can be automated with the help of your IT department. Fivos can assist with defining an optimal workflow in your institution.

importance of quality Improvement

The SVS VQI Quality Improvement program in the SVS VQI supports individual centers and regions in the development, measurement and implementation of improved care projects using SVS VQI data.

In particular, the QI program supports the SVS VQI’s National Initiatives that are created in response to improved outcomes observed at the regional level.