Participation Awards


The SVS PSO encourages involvement by SVS VQI vascular specialists through a program of annual Participation Awards related to long-term follow-up rates, regional meeting participation, quality improvement initiatives and registry participation. Centers receiving the maximum Award level receive certificates at the regional and national meetings.

The Participation Awards program began in 2016 to encourage active participation in the registries program and recognize the importance of that participation.

Participating centers can earn up to three stars based on actions that lead to better patient care, including:

  • The completeness of long-term, follow-up reporting (LTFU) based on the percentage of patients for whom they have at least nine months of follow-up data
  • Physician attendance at semi-annual meetings of a regional quality group
  • Initiation of quality improvement activities based on VQI data
  • The number of vascular registries in which the center participates

LTFU Re-Instated in the 2021 Participation Awards

During the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the committee decided to temporarily remove LTFU as criteria for the 2020 Participation Awards. Effective immediately, the Participation Committee unanimously voted to re-instate LTFU criteria in the 2021 Participation Awards. 


The following is a list of the four domains for the 2021 Participation Awards criteria:

Domain 1 – LTFU – 40% weighted

Domain 2 – Regional Meeting attendance – 30% weighted

Domain 3 – QI Project – 20% weighted

Domain 4 – Registry subscriptions – 10% weighted

The final score is calculated as follows:

Total points = 4 x LTFU score + 3 x Attendance score + 2 x QI score + 1 x registry score


Scoring details will be provided in newsletters, upcoming webinars, the VQI Annual Meeting, and the Fall regional meetings.

Please contact Betsy Wymer (SVS VQI Director of Quality) at, if needed.


While the SVS PSO posts a listing of the Participation Award results on the VQI website and recognizes award winners at our 18 regional meetings, we feel we can and want to do more to help celebrate your success.   We also want to provide VQI members with the tools and guidance, so they can communicate their good work, as recognized through this award.

Participation Award Press Release Template

Participation Award Press Release Rules