VSGNE Research Submissions

The VSGNE Research Advisory Committee (VSGNE RAC) reviews research and data analysis proposals on a monthly basis. The current VSGNE RAC Chair is Dr. Jeffrey Siracuse.

Submission deadlines: First Thursday of each month by Noon, submitted by email (VSGNE RAC Submission Form can be downloaded here).

VSGNE RAC Review: Second Thursday of each month


  • If your proposal is approved, then there is a waiting period of 15 business days (3 weeks) to provide an Opt Out period.
  • You  will receive an email from the SVS PSO advising when your data will be available to download using the Share-a-File system in M2S PATHWAYS.
  • If the project is rejected (this is usually because the data aren’t available), or sent back for revision, you will be notified in the feedback email.

PLEASE NOTE: All requests for VQI datasets by investigators who are member of VSGNE centers MUST be reviewed by the VSGNE RAC prior to submission to the National Arterial or Venous RAC.