Registry Updates

Details for all registry changes  are available on the M2S PATHWAYS clinical platform . See the Resources in PATHWAYS to download more information.

Upcoming Updates this Quarter

  • Re-design of Procedure Requiring Follow-up report + LTF Completion Rate per procedure report & PSO benchmark Bar Graph Report + LTFCALC and Completion Rate calculation
  • LTFCALC and Completion Rate calculation updates using LTF_MANDATORY_COMP flag
  • Mandatory LTF Field – Early follow-up shouldn’t have mandatory Fields)”
  • Multi-level Form Validation Requirements Infrastructure + PVI Basic Form and Analytics

Latest Registry Updates were sent by M2S PATHWAYS

1/25/2019 PATHWAYS Release Announcement v1.50 – PVI Updates

The Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI) has improved the PVI registry to capture specific treatment options for Special Balloons, Bailout Stents and Stents.
The Occlusive Disease tab will now display a “Type” field when these devices are selected as shown in the example below.

  • Special Balloon types:  Drug coated balloon, Cutting balloon, Lithoplasty balloon, IDE, Other
  • Stent and Bailout Stent types: Bare metal stent, Drug eluting stent, Bioabsorbable stent, IDE, Other

1/21/2019 PATHWAYS Notification: Important Information Regarding VQI and PATHWAYS Webinars – Use switch from GoToWebinar to Zoom

12/20/2018 Updated VQI Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria and CPT & ICD-10 Procedure Codes

12/17/2018 PATHWAYS Release Announcement v1.49 – Two Factor Authentication

  1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is being implemented in PATHWAYS as an optional feature that individual users
    may enable to improve their account security. PATHWAYS users will not be required to enable 2FA at this time.
  2. M2S is introducing 2FA as an optional feature of PATHWAYS to meet increasing security requirements being
    implemented at many organizations. Enabling 2FA for your PATHWAYS user account will help protect your
    account by requiring that you login with your username, password, and a verification code. Currently, PATHWAYS
    authentication includes username and password only.

12/11/2018 PATHWAYS 1.48 Release Notice Update – Tuesday, December 11, 2018

  1. Long-Term Follow-up (LTFU): The “Other source” option will now be available for the “Contact By” field in all VQI followup
  2. Help Text definitions
  3. New 30 Day Followup (Participation is voluntary) – Allows users to capture CMS required 30 day readmission data, post-discharge, short term outcomes, e.g. Acute Myocardial Infarction, Heart Failure and Pneumonia. Provides ability for centers to track non-readmission data for quality purposes.

For older updates, please contact the PATHWAYS Support team.