Sample Agenda for an Initial Regional Group Meeting

  1. Elect regional leaders to represent region on the SVS PSO Governing council and the SVS PSO Quality Committee
  2. Elect regional data coordinator
    • Train new regional members
    • Hold at least quarterly conference calls
    • Prepare all materials for semi-annual meetings
    • Schedule semi-annual meetings
  3. Research Advisory Committee (RAC): Each participating regional vascular study group shall designate a RAC consisting of physicians, analysts, and administrative personnel to oversee the quality functions of the regional vascular study group. Each RAC is responsible for all decision making concerning patient safety work product production for its region using shared data within the regional study group, including types of analyses, reports, benchmarking, and risk adjustment.
  4. Semi-annual meetings
    • When
    • Where
    • Cost
  5. Budget
    • Regional Data Coordinator’s time
    • Materials
    • Room and AV for meetings
    • Refreshments/ Lunch
  6. Approve Bylaws