About the Vascular Study Group of New England

The Vascular Study Group of New England (VSGNE) was founded in 2001 by vascular surgeons in Northern New England (Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont). It has subsequently expanded to include vascular surgeons, radiologists, and cardiologists in all six New England states. VSGNE is a regional, voluntary consortium that meets twice a year. The following is the mission statement of the VSGNE:

The Vascular Study Group of New England is a voluntary, cooperative group of clinicians, hospital administrators, and research personnel organized to improve the care of patients with vascular disease. By collecting and exchanging information, the group strives to continuously improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and cost of caring for patients with vascular disease.

VSGNE Leaders

  • Jeffrey Siracuse, MD, VSGNE Medical Director, RAC Chair
  • Philip Goodney, MD, National RAC Chair
  • Jessica Simons, MD, VSGNE AQC Chair
  • Mark Iafrati, MD, VSGNE VQC Chair