UMVN Data Reports

Semi-annual quality reports are prepared by the VQI for each hospital and provider and are available for downloading from that participant’s VQI site.  They are prepared and distributed in anticipation of the semi-annual meetings and are used as the basis for quality improvement discussion, whether in areas of clinical treatment, documentation or data element definition interpretation and consistent data abstraction.

Key quality indicators that are tracked over time for each type of procedure are displayed in several formats:  a 12 charts format, via the database report-writer and by regional reports generated by the registry. Reports also can be requested by regions or by individual sites.  Reports illustrate the rate of events in each center compared with the regional or national benchmarks, depending on the comparison group one has selected. Variation across centers at each time point is displayed, showing the maximum and minimum values submitted within the selected comparison group.

Each center can generate outcomes reports on any registry data element and reports of key risk-adjusted measures from the registry’s Analytics and Reporting Engine.  The risk-adjusted reports compare hospital outcomes after controlling for patient factors that can influence outcome, noting standard deviation to indicate significant variations.

Reports are available via the PSO Reports tab to illustrate outcomes on the system level, comparing hospitals within one health system, and also at the hospital or practitioner group level to compare outcomes for each physician (blinded) participant.  These are not risk-adjusted, but provide an estimate for each center and provider, in comparison to others in the selected comparison group (region or all participants).  The report includes a ranking of annual volume per procedure.​