About the Upper Midwest Vascular Network

The Upper Midwest Vascular Network is a voluntary, cooperative group of clinicians, hospital administrators, clinical abstractors and analysts, and researchers working to improve the care of patients with vascular disease.

By collecting and sharing information, the group strives to continuously improve the quality, safety, efficacy and cost of caring for patients with vascular disease.

Upper Midwest Vascular Network – Executive Officers

Dr. Randy DeMartino, MD, Mayo Clinic (Medical Director, CEA Registry Chair)

Dr. Joseph Hart, MD, Froedtert  (Research Advisory Committee Chair)

Dr. Cheong Jun Lee, MD, Froedtert (Arterial Quality Committee)

Dr. Steven Kappes, MD, Aurora Health Care

Dr. Chad Laurich, MD, Sanford Health (Venous Quality Committee)

Dr. William McMillan,  MD, Allina Health

Dr. Rumi Fazier, MD, Fairview Health

Dr. Pat Kelly, MD, Sanford Health