VVSG Research Advisory Council

VQI physicians in the VVSG may request de-identified datasets from each registry for analysis. The VVSG Research Advisory Council (RAC) reviews and evaluates requests for datasets by investigators, who provide the RAC with a description of their proposed project.

Please see the VVSG RAC request form for datasets: VVSG RAC Proposal Form and Waiver

Regional datasets should be requested by email from Nancy Heatley, SVS PSO, and reviewed by Dr. Albeir Mousa and Dr. Samantha Minc from the VVSG RAC.


Guidelines and restrictions on use:

  • In order to receive a VQI dataset, your center must already have a subscription to that VQI registry
  • Please review the SVS PSO Data Use Agreement for restrictions and conditions on use.
  • Please see the Device Identification Policy, which may affect your dataset request as there are stringent restrictions on the use of device data in VQI protocols.

Click here to see the FAQs for use of the VQI Blinded Datasets.

National RAC requests must be submitted through an online application: http://abstracts123.com/svs1/meetinglogin

For any questions related to the use of VQI datasets, please contact Nancy Heatley at nheatley@svspso.org.