Mid-America VSG: Data Reports

Semi-annual quality reports for each hospital and provider may be prepared and distributed for semi-annual meetings. These can be used as the basis for quality improvement discussions.

Key quality indicators that are tracked over time for each type of procedure are displayed in a 12 charts per page format. Each chart shows the rate of events in each center compared with the region average. Each center receives its own report. The variation across centers at each time point is displayed, showing the maximum and minimum.

Risk-adjusted comparisons of key outcomes of each center for each procedure may be generated from the data. Risk-adjusted benchmark reports compare the outcome at each hospital after controlling for different patient factors that can influence outcome, and show standard deviation estimates to ascertain significant variations.

Benchmark information regarding the use of important pre-operative medications, such as beta blockers compares providers and hospitals over time.

Bar graphs that display a comparison of key outcomes and complication rates among centers and providers are available in real-time. These are not risk-adjusted, but provide an estimate for each center and provider of their results in comparison to others in the region, including a ranking of annual volume per procedure.​