Data Entry & Workflow Requirements

No full time data entry staff requirements

The VQI is supported by the M2S PATHWAYS clinical database, and is designed to easily integrate into a variety of workflows, allowing multiple users to access and enter data on a single form, and to spread the responsibilities of data entry to more than one individual.

100% procedure entry (per physician, per procedure)

Developed by physicians for physicians, the system captures 100% of procedures including important demographic, procedure, and post-op data to provide comprehensive outcome analysis and inform performance improvement.

Data entry time commitment

The VQI data entry process varies based on the number of Registries a given site participates in, the number of physicians and support staff involved in the data entry process. Data are entered by various staff members as patients progress through their care at your organization. Data entry typically starts during scheduling, and is progressively entered by staff during pre-op, intra-op, post-op, and at discharge.

On average, every 100 procedures per year requires approximately 2 hours per week. Data entry time can also be reduced by as much as 40% by utilizing the M2S simple Data Import service, which prepopulates data using your institution’s existing systems.

Workflow Options


Simple Data Import

A significant savings in total data entry time can be achieved by enrolling in the M2S Data Import service which automates the entering of the patient demographics and patient history data. The data managers, RNs and/or physicians then enter the procedure and follow-up data.

Manual Data Entry

All data can also be entered manually at registration, pre-op or post-discharge, depending on the desired workflow and staff available. This option requires more resource than the Data Import option.

You may also be interested in other services for Data Abstraction or full Data Integration to support your institution’s requirements.