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Vascular Quality Initiative (SVS VQI) Launches Fellowship in Training Program

Dr. Jack L. Cronenwett

Flagship program offered by The Society for Vascular Surgery® Vascular Quality Initiative® (SVS VQI) will focus on quality processes and data utilization among vascular surgery residents.

Chicago, IL– August 19, 2021 – The Society for Vascular Surgery® Vascular Quality Initiative® (SVS VQI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving vascular quality within hospitals and outpatient facilities, today announced the inception of its new SVS VQI Fellowship in Training (SVS FIT) program for individuals completing their medical residencies or fellowships in any vascular disease focused specialty (vascular surgery, cardiology, radiology or vascular medicine). Additionally, VQI unveiled the Jack L. Cronenwett, M.D. Quality Improvement Scholarship Award named in honor of the SVS VQI registry’s cofounder, vascular surgeon and educator.

The purpose of the 12- to 18-month program, to be offered starting in January, 2022, is fostering an understanding of quality processes and metrics among vascular residents and fellows (‘trainees’) through mentorship in the VQI, in collaboration with the Association of Program Directors in Vascular Surgery (APDVS), American College of Cardiology, and Society for Vascular Medicine.

Up to five students per calendar year will be eligible to share in a portion of a $50,000 educational scholarship fund as part of the Jack L. Cronenwett, M.D. Quality Improvement Scholarship Award, to support participation in PSO-approved activities.

“The program’s unique focus on the utilization of clinical performance data, available in the registries of the SVS-VQI, will enable trainees to learn about quality improvement in healthcare,” says Dr. Jens Eldrup-Jorgensen, the SVS PSO’s Medical Director and a founding partner of VQI. “We’re particularly excited about the scholarship opportunity, which will be awarded to top applicants who want to gain in depth knowledge of quality assessment and quality improvement.”

The scholarships have been named after Dr. Cronenwett in honor of his contributions to improving and advancing vascular care. He serves as Professor of Surgery at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Professor of the Dartmouth Center for Health Care Policy and Clinical Research. He also serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Fivos, the data management partner for the SVS VQI.

“The scholarship funds will help the next generation of vascular-medicine scholars afford additional education and training and participate in patient-safety workshops that are essential to implementing best practices,” says Dr. Gary Lemmon, Associate Medical Director of the SVS PSO.

Since its inception in 2011, the Society for Vascular Surgery® Vascular Quality Initiative® (SVS VQI) has raised the bar for vascular care, quality improvement and patient outcomes. Today the Initiative includes participating medical centers, with more than 800 hospitals and ambulatory facilities contributing data on greater than 800,000 procedures on patients with vascular disease. More than 4,500 physicians have have participated in the VQI’s 14 different vascular registries.

In addition to improving quality within hospitals and outpatient facilities, the VQI supports efforts to reduce costs and resource utilization as well as promoting vascular quality research.

To learn more about SVS VQI, please visit https://www.vqi.org 


The SVS VQI is governed by the SVS Patient Safety Organization (SVS PSO), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Society for Vascular Surgery, which provides oversight of data sharing arrangements, key outcome and quality measure analyses, and dissemination of information to participating providers. The VQI comprises vascular surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, and other specialists who perform vascular procedures collected in the VQI Registries. Participating centers are divided into 18 regional quality groups. These groups meet biannually to discuss initiatives for improving quality of vascular care.

About Fivos

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