Vascular Technology Council (VTC)

The mission of the SVS VQI is to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and cost of vascular health care by collecting and exchanging information. Within the SVS PSO, the goal of the Vascular Technology Council (VTC) is to provide guidance and approval for the efficient use of SVS VQI data for the benefit of multiple stakeholders, including the FDA and industry, in order to meet regulatory requirements and aid the development of new vascular treatments.

The VTC sees great value in this collaboration and is committed to growing this network and supporting device and therapeutic innovation through the VQI.

Current VTC Members:

Scott Berman, MD, (Chair)
Jose Almeida, MD
Adam Beck, MD
Dan Claire, MD
Ron Anson (Medstreaming)
Jens Jorgensen, MD
Chris Kwolek, MD
Jim Wadzinski (SVS PSO Staff Representative)

For more information on how the SVS PSO and Fivos are working with industry, please contact Ron Anson, VP of Business Development, at or Jim Wadzinski, SVS PSO Senior Director, at