For Device and Drug Manufacturers

By collaborating with the SVS VQI, industry has the opportunity to cost-effectively enroll a broad network of physicians and leverage a robust data collection platform to meet project objectives.

The FDA regards registries as a key component of future device evaluation, and is actively shifting emphasis from pre-market to post-market evaluation where registries can have great impact.

The SVS VQI Registries include:

  • Over 850+ participating facilities including academic, community and affiliated centers representing real world practice across 46 states in the U.S.
  • Over 850,000+ procedures captured across 14 vascular arterial and venous registries
  • Data reported by over 4,500+ participating physicians across multiple specialties
  • 18 Regional Quality Groups with on-going quality projects at both the National and Regional level

SVS VQI’s Commitment to Overcome UDI Adoption Challenges

The ability to accurately identify a device is key to medical device evaluation. Until the establishment of the FDA’s Unique Device Identification, there was no mechanism for automatically capturing standard device information at the point of use. Symmetric  and SVS VQI, and Fivos, SVS VQI’s technology partner, have each been strong advocates for UDI in their respective areas of expertise and have joined together to overcome known UDI adoption challenges in medical device registries.

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Registry Resources for Device and Drug Manufacturers

For more information about SVS VQI data for industry and specific projects for your organization, please contact Carrie Bosela, SVS PSO Senior Director, at