For Device and Drug Manufacturers

By collaborating with the VQI, industry has the opportunity to cost-effectively enroll a broad network of physicians and leverage a robust data collection platform to meet project objectives.

The FDA regards registries as a key component of future device evaluation, and is actively shifting emphasis from pre-market to post-market evaluation where registries can have great impact.

The VQI Registries include:

  • Over 500+ participating facilities including academic, community and affiliated centers representing real world practice across 46 states in the U.S.
  • Over 500,000+ procedures captured across 12 vascular arterial and venous registries
  • Data reported by over 3,000+ participating physicians across multiple specialties
  • 18 Regional Quality Groups with on-going quality projects at both the National and Regional level

Please chose from this selection of information prepared for industry:

For more information about VQI data for industry and specific projects for your organization, please contact Jim Wadzinski, SVS PSO Senior Director, at