Corporate Support

Manufacturers provide financial support to the SVS VQI on an annual basis at different levels, which helps to fund various VQI activities. Those companies who provide Corporate Support participate in the Corporate Roundtable along with the SVS PSO leadership, identifying opportunities to evaluate and improve vascular device and therapy performance using SVS VQI data.

Corporate support is used by the SVS PSO to enhance the VQI Registries in several ways;

  • Create new SVS VQI Registries, such as the Vascular Medicine Registry
  • Develop quality improvement and patient safety activities
  • Make major enhancements to existing SVS VQI Registries, such as the PVI Registry
  • Develop data integration of SVS VQI data with cost and claims-based data
  • Enhance analytical and reporting capabilities

Please see the 2019 VQI Annual Report which provides a review of the past activities.

For more information on Corporate Support opportunities, please contact Jim Wadzinski, SVS PSO Senior Director, at or Ron Anson, VP of Business development at