VQI Cost Overview

The choice is yours – the flexible structure of the VQI accommodates many workflows. Institutions can join the VQI by entering data on one Registry, adding additional Registries incrementally. This makes joining easy, while alleviating large upfront costs and resource investments, allowing you to realize the benefits immediately. Data import, data abstraction and data integration services are available to support your facility’s data entry workload.

There are 12 VQI Registries and associated outcome and complication reports are available in real-time, including physician-level and center-level variation reporting. The cost of the VQI is based on the number of Registries contracted by health system, hospital, vein center, outpatient facility or physician practice.

The VQI service cost includes:
  • One-time setup fee
  • Annual SVS PSO fee
  • Annual database subscription fee
Contact us for more information on specific costs for your institution.
 See our Procedures Collected page to learn more about our Registries and the data collected. Paper-based forms for each Registry are also available to download.