Industry Project Charters and Process

The Executive Committee approves Charters related to Industry projects and the associated Steering Committee activities.  Each Steering Committee has a Charter which includes objectives and endpoints, the responsibilities of the Steering Committee and the Conflict of Interest policies.

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TCAR Charter

Typically, the role of the Steering Committee is overall responsibility for oversight of this quality improvement project. Specific responsibilities of the Steering Committee will include:

• Monitor the execution and conduct of the industry project

• Address and resolve study related scientific issues requiring their expertise, as determined by the Steering Committee chairperson;

• Assist in development of study protocol;

• Assist in the periodic review of data submission forms;

• Assist with communications to ensure 1-year follow-up from participating sites

• Monitor the progress of the project, including the review of non-identifiable datasets;

• Address and resolve study related scientific and clinical issues/questions requiring their expertise;

• Approve or author the primary scientific publication reporting the study results;

• Approve the formation of Steering Committee writing groups, focused on the primary and secondary goals

• Provide oversight and review for approved RAC studies outside of the study’s primary and secondary research objectives;

• Make a final decision on submission for publication in a scientific journal