VQI Medicare Matched Blinded Datasets

Please review the Overview, Datasets and Flowcharts on this page before you start a National RAC project submission to ensure that the data will be suitable for Medicare-matching as the process has changed.

As the Medicare individual level data are subject to Data Use Agreements (DUAs) with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), no individual level data can be shared, but TDI will share CMS data that meets aggregated data release guidelines outlined in our DUA. While prior user agreements suggested that blinded datasets could be disseminated, the new DUA requires that no patient-level data be shared.

Overview for Use of VQI-Medicare Matched Datasets (New)

Please note: Requests for Medicare-Matched datasets will be administered by Kayla Moore at TDI, once a National RAC submission is approved. Detailed instructions will be provided by TDI to PIs after approval.

New Dataset Profiles (March 2018)
Dataset Profile CAS 3.19.18
Dataset Profile CEA 3.19.18
Dataset Profile EVAR 3.19.18
Dataset Profile HEMO 3.19.18
Dataset Profile INFRA 3.19.18
Dataset Profile OPEN 3.19.18
Dataset Profile PVI 3.19.18
Dataset Profile SUPRA 3.19.18
Dataset Profile TEVAR 3.19.18

Flowchart EVAR_OPEN 11.9.17
Flowchart HEMO
Flowchart TEVAR
Flowchart CAS_CEA 11.7.17