Current Regional Quality Groups

The following regional quality groups meet semi-annually to discuss quality improvement initiatives. Visit their regional group websites to learn more about each group and their current efforts.

Carolinas Vascular Quality Group

Dr. Thomas Brothers
Medical University of South Carolina
Dr. Leila Mureebe
Duke University Medical Center

Canadian Vascular Quality Initiative (New)

Dr. Graham Roche-Nagle
Toronto General Hospital

Great Lakes Vascular Study Group

Dr. Jean Starr
Ohio State University Medical Center

Michigan Vascular Study Group

Dr. Ash Mansour
Spectrum Health

Mid-America Vascular Study Group

Dr. David Chew
Iowa Heart Center at Mercy Medical Center
Dr. James Ebaugh
Iowa Heart Center at Mercy Medical Center

Mid-Atlantic Vascular Study Group

Dr. Grace Wang
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Mid-South Vascular Study Group

Dr. Ed Garrett
Baptist Memorial Hospital

Midwest Vascular Collaborative

Dr. Gary Lemmon
Indiana University Health System

Northern California Vascular Study Group

Dr. Matthew Mell
UC Davis Medical Center

Pacific Northwest Vascular Study Group

Dr. Stephen Murray
Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

Rocky Mountain Vascular Quality Initiative

Dr. Scott Berman
Carondelet Heart & Vascular Institute

Southeastern Vascular Study Group

Dr. Yazan Duwayri
Emory University Hospital

Southern California Vascular Outcomes Improvement Collaborative

Dr. Ahmed Abou-ZamZam
Loma Linda University Medical Center

Southern Vascular Outcomes Network

Dr. Dennis Gable
Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

Upper Midwest Vascular Network

Dr. Randall DeMartino
Mayo Clinic

Vascular Study Group of Greater New York

Dr. Apostolos Tassiopoulos
Stony Brook Medicine

Vascular Study Group of New England

Dr. Philip Goodney
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Virginias Vascular Study Group

Dr. William Robinson
University of Virginia