Regional Quality Groups

Regional Quality Groups are a key component of the VQI. It is the vision of the VQI and SVS PSO to have a distributed network of these groups collecting common core data sets to allow for anonymous pooling of information.

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USA & Canada

Through regional quality group meetings, participants share and analyze collected data to initiate quality improvement projects to reduce complications, readmissions, and length of stay. Quality improvements projects can translate directly to hospital cost reduction. With continued expansion of the VQI and regional quality groups, data will more rapidly accumulate and can be leveraged for benchmarking and quality improvement initiatives

Additional benefits in forming a regional quality group include:

  • Anonymous, benchmarked reports for comparison
  • Increasing power and ability to detect root causes of outcomes
  • Facilitating & initiating quality improvement projects
  • Improving long-term patient surveillance
Pacific Northwest Vascular Study Group Northern California Vascular Study Group Southern California Vascular Study Group Rocky Mountain Vascular Quality Initiative Upper Midwest Vascular Network Mid-America Vascular Study Group Southern Vascular Outcomes Network Michigan Vascular Study Group Midwest Vascular Collaborative Great Lakes Vascular Study Group Mid-South Vascular Study Group Southeastern Vascular Study Group Carolina Vascular Quality Group Virginias Vascular Study Group Mid-Atlantic Vascular Study Group Vascular Study Group of Greater New York Vascular Study Group of Greater New England Canadian Vascular Study Group Pacific Northwest Vascular Study Group