About the M2S PATHWAYS Cloud-Based Registries

M2S provides the secure, cloud-based platform, PATHWAYS utilized by the Vascular Quality Initiative, which allows for real-time data collection and reporting for long-term outcomes assessment.

PATHWAYS clinical data performance platform is customizable to meet an institution’s unique workflow needs, providing permission levels for users to access and enter data. The system has built-in error trapping, help text, and incomplete record monitoring to ensure data integrity.

To further increase data entry efficiencies, integration of General and Demographic patient information from an institution’s EMR and/or clinical system into PATHWAYS is available.

Currently, the PATHWAYS platform captures data for 12 Registries, including both procedure and follow-up data. The data forms were designed by vascular surgeons and contain detailed data to allow analyses of root causes for different outcomes, including patient case mix, pre-operative management, and details of surgical technique. All data can be downloaded and saved.

The real-time reports available through PATHWAYS include data management reports, longitudinal benchmarking, major outcomes and complication reports for physician and center, pre- and post-operative medication usage, and custom analytical reporting.

M2S has extensive experience providing data and image management services for vascular surgery, and built its PATHWAYS database through collaboration with the Vascular Study Group of New England.